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Mate these modern tweaks with another recent innovation (for Gretsch, at any rate), the Centre Block range, and you have a guitar ready to compete with anything out there - in virtually any style.

And the fact that the neck sits deeper in the body making the pickup protrude a good deal less, too, adds to this more modern feel (our orange 6120 seems almost archaic by comparison).

As mentioned, a prime selling point is the all-new drive trains, the first new US-made Gretsch pickups since the 70s (Filter’Trons have been Gretsch’s humbucking mainstay since the 50s).

They’re great-sounding units combining real punch with clarity and articulation - AC/DC’s Malcolm Young to Brian Setzer in The Stray Cats is a pretty broad spectrum.

The thin body holds the guitar close to you, for an intimate and rewarding playing experience.

Avoid looking in the mirror, though - we bet you can’t!

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As for the present, the modern system is quite simple.

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